Thursday, June 30, 2011


I am working on getting this blog back up to speed. This has been a very busy summer for me at my day job, but meat projects are still on my mind.

My latest project was to make the Pastrami recipe in Ruhlman and Pollan's [u]Charcuterie[/u]. I made the brine exactly to the specifications and used a 5 lb grass-fed brisket from Whole Foods. I smoked it for 5 hours using oak and orange wood.

It is simply stunning. Delicious. I atee it by itself for a few days, then I made some sandwiches.

My very best was to place 6 slices on foil in the broiler until the edges started to crisp. Then I topped them with baby Swiss and continued to broil until the Swiss started to brown. I transferred the meat and cheese to toasted rye slathered with German mustard and pickles... Awesome, just awesome. So good I forgot to take pictures. Sorry. But it was really, really good. Try it.


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