Saturday, September 10, 2011

Too much pork for just one fork!

Hello Spectators! I will once again apologize for the spacing between posts. In the last year, most of my meat production has been remaking bresaola, lonzino, and pancetta. While I love each of these products, I cannot see the point in posting the same projects over and over again. Fear not! I am back to innovating and have several new projects to tell you about.

First, I have built a custom wood (and charcoal)-fired rotisserie. I live in New Orleans and, each year, the local Greek community puts on a fantastic Greek Fest. I always make a point of getting the spit-cooked lamb. This year, I decided that I needed to make my own. The large ones that can handle a whole pig or lamb cost $3,000+. I decided that it would be unlikely that I would cook a whole animal  often, so I scaled my plans down. I will post the details later, but I ended up building a decent rotisserie that can handle cuts up to about 30-40 lbs for under $30!

Next, I have multiple new projects underway. I currently have Cane-Syrup Cured Bacon curing in the fridge. I also have made a Cajun-Spiced Porcetta that is drying in the fridge as well. I wil find itself on the aforementioned rotisserie tomorrow afternoon.

Lastly, I have a new project underway. Earlier this year, I made pastrami according to the recipe in Michael Ruhlman's Chacuterie. I decided to use his brine, less all of the seasonings, and use it to make a Creole/Cajun-flavored Canadian-style Bacon out of a pork loin. I am jokingly call it "Acadian Bacon" as a nod to out Canadian ancestors.

More postings (with pictures) to follow. I promise.


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